The WCH PORTAL is best used for players who are hooked online to the biggest online chess web sites. Our collection with more than 34,8 million human chess games is the biggest ever. Until 2017 we kept all Portal games in. Starting year 2018 we decided to upgrade a quality and publish only games with higher ELO than 2000. The number of games reduced dramatically to only 7 million games but we think it's the quality you are looking for not the quantity.

The chess portals such as,, or FICS - offer free professional environment for all chess lovers. There are many advantages of each web sites, some like has for example a facebook app that you can use to play. You can also play with a time limit of days/weeks and this is very useful if you rarely can find the time to sit down and have a serious game straight. The ChessCube has one of the nicest user interfaces, although it cannot be used with iPhone or iPads since it uses flash. Each of these chess website has its own playing history and players. You build your ELO with winning games and tournaments. Whether you are a beginner with hunger to play online chess, or professionals with GM rankings, you need to feed yourself with quality chess database. Prepare for the opponents with nicknames from around the world. All of the chess sites offer friendly communities, great tournaments with commented games and videos from professionals. And the Wind Chess Portal chess database offer exactly the service needed. With more than 1 million games you get best possible preparation for your game.

One good advise from Wind Chess. Do not use engine and chess database only. Use your brains. Most of today chess website can identify whether you are "human" or android. Using a computer to calculate moves dynamically is against the rules on these web sites. Looking up moves from static sources is within the rules. It doesn't matter if the static sources are accessed using a computer. So our advise. Use it wisely, don't just copy paste the result of the analysis (if you ever have time between the moves). Think and learn.

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