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The month of August brings You the update of our WCH CORR chess database!

The number of games in WCH CORR is now 1,925,329!

Our biggest chess database WCH ORCA has now 37,582,067 million games thanks to the update of WCH CORR database. 


Best regards, Wind Chess team!

DaBABase? Q30M+? What does it mean?

Dear chess database user,

We introduce a new term for big quality chess databases! 
For our databases that have more than 30 million games we will use term
DaBABase (Data Big Asset Base) with adjective Q30M+ (Quality 30 and more million games).
According to this definition our database WCH ORCA is the first Q30M+ chess DaBABase.

Best regards
Your WindChess team


The month of June brings You the update of our WCH OTB chess database!

The number of games in WCH OTB is now 8,823,182!

Our biggest chess database WCH ORCA has now 37,566,476 million games thanks to the update of WCH OTB database. 


Best regards, Wind Chess team!

Wind Chess GUIDE - How to get your WCH database step-by-step

Dear chess players,

We prepared for you this step-by-step guide on how to get your Wind Chess database!


1. Click the "Subscribe" button in the top menu of our homepage.

tutorial 1

2. Choose one of our subscribe plans and click the "Subscribe Now" button.

tutorial 2

3A. Log in to your Wind Chess account (if you already have one) by entering Username/Email and Password and hit "Login" button. You can now skip to step no. 4.

If you don't have an Wind Chess account yet proceed to step 3B1.

tutorial 3a

3B1. If you don't have a Wind Chess account you need to create it! Fill in the details and click on the "Register" button.

tutorial 3b0

3B2. You will see this announcement.

Please open your email client where you will see email from us with the activation link for your Wind Chess account.

tutorial 3b1

3B3. Head to your email client and open the email from us. Click the activation link in the email.

tutorial 3b2

3B4. You will be greeted with this message. Now please get back to the point 3A of this step-by-step guide.

tutorial 3b3

4. Check the "Terms of Service" box and hit the "Check Out" button.

tutorial 4

5. You will be redirected to the payment page.

tutorial 5

6. After receiving the payment, we process your request. This process can take up to 24 hours but usually it takes much less.

Afterwards you will receive an email with an invitation to the cloud service where you will find your purchased Wind Chess database.

You will need to create an account on It is FREE of charge and it is really EASY! Click on the "Create Account" link in the email.

tutorial 6

7. Creating an account on looks like this. Fill in these details and hit the "Create account" button.

tutorial 7

8. Being logged in your account looks like this. You will see a folder in which you will find the database files.

Click on the folder to explore it.

tutorial 8

9. Click on the database file to download it.

tutorial 9

10. Hit the "Download" button.

tutorial 10

11. Wait for the download to finish.

tutorial 11

12. When the download is finished, click here to see the file or head to the "Downloads" folder on your local storage.

tutorial 12

13. Congratulations! This is your database file ready to deliver the best possible results on your chess journey!

tutorial 13

Thank your for following this guide.

Best regards, Wind Chess team!


Wind Chess presents INTRODUCTION DISCOUNT!!!


Dear chess players,


We are proud to announce that from now on all the amazing Wind Chess products are available for You!

At the same time we offer You amazing introduction discounts on all of them!


WCH CORR gets 10% discount and the price is now €35!

WCH OTB gets 25% discount and the price is now €44!

WCH ORCA gets 15% discount and the price is now €84!


We prepared them to fulfill your highest expectations so don't hesitate and get your Winning database now!

The introduction discount is time-limited.


Your Wind Chess team!



The month of May brings You another major update! 

Our biggest chess database WCH ORCA has now over 37 million games thanks to the update of WCH PORTAL database. 

Game count in WCH PORTAL reaches now 26,833,556! 


Best regards, Wind Chess team!


The month of May brings you the update of our powerful WCH CORR database for correspondence chess players.

The total number of games (NoG) in WCH CORR database is now 1,909,738!

The time limited introductory price is only 35 EUR/year and includes now from us for free:

- historical DB CORR WCH CORR 1950 - games played before 1950

- bonus DB WCH CORR Top 202005 - 139433 games of top correspondence chess players with ELO 2300+


Best regards, Wind Chess team!

The history of Chess Databases

The history of chess as such goes to medieval times and we can write several books about it. The oldest chess board was found in Uzbekistan and goes back to 7th century but when you try to look for information about the history of chess databases you suddenly have no articles to read. So why don't we have a look where does it come from?

Read more ...

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