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Wind Chess Databases are offered in different formats. Most widely used is Chess Base format followed by open source PGN or Chess Assistant extensions. All chess users can decide which format is best for them and download it instantly. Subscribe to our programs starting as low as 35 EUR / year.

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The following is a guide that covers how to set up your new Wind Chess database on your Chessbase software. The requirement for successful running and functioning we recommend you have Chessbase 6.0 and higher (pref. Chessbase 9.0 and higher) Here you can find an overview of the files included in the Wind Chess release and instructions on installing and activating the database in your local environment.

Downloading the Wind Chess database Files

All downloaded versions of popular chess databases require sort of membership. There are currently three kinds of groups which you can register with - WCH Basic Membership, WCH Standard Membership or WCH Ultimate Membership. It is solely up to you which you prefer. Each membership is explained in the registration process as well as at the download section. The first step is to download all of the files that will be needed to install your Wind Chess chess database, WCH custom databases such as WCH CORR, WCH OTB, WCH ORCA, WCH 2500+, as well other smaller modifications or trees are part of these packages. Here is a quick explanation of each of the available files in the Wind Chess release.

WCH ORCA - This chess database is the biggest collection of human chess games with 37 millions of games played by humans only and de-duplicated so you shall not find any same game twice.

WCH OTB - This chess database is a collection of complete over-the-board human games since 1900, mostly after 1985. It contains only OTB players with 8,8 million human games.

WCH CORR - This chess database contains the largest collection of the correspondence chess (e.g., ICCF)  with more than 1,9 million games. This database has a complete source of correspondence chess players. Players can also select WCH CORR 2300 with higher ELO games.

WCH PORTAL - This database contains a collection of portal games played on leading www chess portals. However be aware, many times the games are played with nicknames and tournaments are not officially listed. On the other hand handy tool to learn specific players who participate in these tournaments. This database is updated annually and holds 26,8 million human games. The sub-part of it WCH PORTAL 2000 holds games with ELO more than 2000 and contains more than 7 million games.

Step 1 - Downloading file

After you register, go to the download section of the site. Choose a specific plan which you prefer to download and click on the purchase plan. Once you pay via PayPal, you will receive a special invitation to a cloud shared folder hosted on The email message shall come within 24 hours but usually comes in few hours. Once we verify the subscription the access to the folder come to your email address. You will see all the necessary files there. If you subscribed to WCH STANDARD and WCH ULTIMATE the databases are in CBV Format. If you have WCH BASIC, you will have access to PGN files only which are suitable for open source programs like SCID. We prepared complete step-by-step guide on how to get your WCH database file. If you need more details please visit this link

Step 2 - Making the WCH database work under Chessbase

The easiest way is to locate the file on your HDD  where you downloaded it and double click on the file. (picture 2 below) Or if you prefer to go to ChessBase first, then go to File > Open > Open Database or directly find the file via left-hand explorer panel in CB. This will pull up database onto your workspace (right panel) from where you can navigate and analyze the games, making trees, create reports and so on. (for detailed tutorials on ChessBase, please refer to a separate section)

Step 3 -Extracting the .cbv file on a workspace and making a 'reference database'

Once you are on the Chessbase double click on the added icon and wait few minutes until the .cbv file fully extracts itself (see picture3). Once this is done, the last step before we are finished is making the database as ''reference database''. This means for all analyses of openings, games, reports, trees, Chessbase will use Wind Chess DB as chess ''default knowledge base''. (picture 4). Installing is done, we should see WCH on your workspace. (picture 5)

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