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Wind Chess Databases are offered in different formats. Most widely used is Chess Base format followed by open source PGN or Chess Assistant extensions. All chess users can decide which format is best for them and download it instantly. Subscribe to our programs starting as low as 35 EUR / year.

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The following tutorial will show basic menu usage in Chess Base environment while using the Wind Chess Database. The usage is split into THREE parts:

1) TOP MENU - working with entire database from the top environment / workspace.
2) MENU INSIDE WIND CHESS DATABASE - features the menu functionality and style as you are used to in Chess Base environment, as well as the popular and most frequent usage of different sub-menu or tabs. For tutorial purposes only the most frequent used menus are described however if you would like to review entire Chess Base environment we recommend to download our ultimate review on Chess Base.
3) MENU INSIDE INDIVIDUAL GAME - Focus on most important menus which are available inside each individual game offered. Follow first step two in order to get inside step three.  Here you can study deeply an opening of the game, examining the opening report, analyzing open or closed positions and many more...
Launch the Chess Base 9 manuals and tutorials now! Click on this link to review (Requires Free Login to download)


Chess Base offer standard Windows like environment which allows you to choose from 6 menu options:
    •    FILE - New - Open - Install - Email Selected Database - Recent Games - Recent Databases - Exit Program
    •    EDIT - Copy - Paster - Delete Physically - Find Games In - Find Player - Remove Database Symbol - Rename - Properties
    •    VIEW - Details - Symbols - Small Symbols - Tool bars - Status Bar - Menu Bar - Full Screen - Go - Sort Symbols
    •    TOOLS - Database - Design - Factory Settings - Customize - Shortcuts - Options
    •    WINDOWS - Folders - Database Preview - Top 2 Vertical - Top 2 Horizontal - Top 2 Diagonal - Maximize All
    •    HELP - Help.. - Register - Get New Games - Online Upgrade - To - About ChessBase...

The most frequent usage in the top menu is TOOLS. Here we focus on Database sub-menu where you can perform some interesting actions with your database (after you installed it successfully onto your workspace - see separate tutorial for installation of WCH DB). However the most important menu is when you go inside the database - Wind Chess and see the individual menu there.

a) Backup Database - Will compress your large database into format .cbv (e.g. WCHxx.cbv) which will minimize the size on your hard disk. It is used for archiving purposes only. Backup your databases as frequent as possible in case something goes wrong you can always return to it later. Once you are ready to use it, you need to extract it following the same logic as in the ''Installing WCH'' tutorial
b) Check Integrity - Used to repair broken links, indexes in the database.
c) Sort database - Year + Tournament . Ascending or Descending mode.

working with WCH in CB

Menu Inside Wind Chess

Focus on "Players Tab"
One of the interesting Tabs which we are going to focus on is ''Players''. Here you can sort players by last name, total games played, ELO rating, title, country etc. From this panel you may navigate to 3 different windows (Main, Top Right and Bottom Right)

Double click on the selected row on each of the windows and you can see the content of this selection.

Menu inside WCH select tabs

Working with each submenu, tabs, windows is the same in all occasions or views. Follow the same logic  as described above. Once you double click on the line of the game (either from players or games tabs - see picture above) you will get to the separate window, and you are already in the individual game mode which is described in the last section of this tutorial. See example below:

Top Row Tabs
    •    Text - WCH DB has no text guidance, thus it is not used
    •    Games - Openings ordered by a key (e.g. game number, name, eco.. you can sort it by clicking on the tab heading
    •    Players - All players in WCH Database. You can sort them, search or click on individual game. You can navigate via 3 windows (main, top right, bottom right). See below example :
    •    Tournaments - looking for a specific tournament - WCH has most of them recorded. Play them all
    •    Openings - all openings games sorted by ECO code. See individual codes collapsed to categories

Menu Inside Individual Game

To have specific menu items appear in the individual game menu, you must first get to this place. To do that, follow simple steps in above tutorials (TOP MENU and MENU INSIDE WCH) and double click on specific game which you are looking for. The screen which you should be seeing is as follows:


The menu items are again similar to the top menus with small differences and tools. The most important are described below in three steps.

Step 1 - Classification of the game

Ever wondered what type of opening the best players are using? Have you got yourself familiar with ECO codes i.e, Queens Indian, Sicilian-Najdorf, Caro -Cann, King's Gambit etc... Why don't you use the ''Opening Classification'' and learn the theory of moves by sequence.

A) Go to Tool -> Opening Classification

B) Follow the Opening Classification screen below and learn details. You can expand and collapse sections there as well.

Step 2 - Commenting your games

Do you like to make notes of your moves, do you like to remind yourself in case of important move and come back to it later? Why don't you make comments? ChessBase offer very easy yet sophisticated method how to insert text before the move or after the move or just annotate it with special chess symbols (annotation will be a separate tutorial as this technique is one of the most advanced players do when commenting the games)

See sample screen shot how to make text changes:

Step 3 - Opening Report

In case you want to study deeply an individual game or opening go to TOOLS - > OPENING REPORT. This tool will enable you to see almost everything which you wanted to see about your opening. The game opening must have all moves in the correct sequence (no novelties) in order to display it correctly (i.e. when you play certain opening you move  in sequence).
Example how you can use the opening report : You play a game with opponent and you are stuck in one moment and don't know what to play next. Perhaps there is an optimal route for you, who knows. If you replay your game (and opponent moves too) step by step on new board (File -> New -> New Game) and then select

TOOLS -> OPENING REPORT, ChessBase will take you to different environment. The environment of Opening Report.

See the statistics of all other games / moves which have been played until now and select the optimal way for your future move or game.

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